What's it like to step out in faith? For instance to lay hands on people (known of strangers)? How does that exactly work? Below you can find real testimonies from JGLM'ers who describe a specific situation from their daily life. Click here if you have a testimony that you would like to share.

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16 June 2018


Eindelijk rust in haar hoofd...

8 June 2018


Lever: hersteld en genezen!

9 April 2018


Getuigenis over Gods grootheid en goedheid

16 March 2018


God is goed!

9 March 2018


Genezing van mijn zoontje

17 February 2018


Doe die mitella maar af want die heb je niet meer nodig!

16 February 2018


Een ontmoeting in de supermarkt

7 February 2018


Na 14 jaar geen medicijnen meer nodig


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