The purpose of a JGLM Lifeteam is to help Christians grow to maturity in Christ by fulfilling the Great Commission (Mark 16:15-18) and by producing spiritually mature Christians as efficiently and effectively as possible.

JGLM Lifeteams are small, easily reproducing teams of trained believers whose purpose is to reach their cities for Christ. The teams follow a systematic training program consisting of study as well as practice. The Lifeteam leader is responsible for the training, equipping and preparing of the members to do the works of Christ which means establishing the Kingdom of God here on earth by destroying the works of darkness.

The 10 characteristics of a JGLM Lifeteam:

1. A close-knit family

2. Applying the Bible in daily life - being doers of the Word

3. Sharing life experiences

4. Effective counseling

5. Encouraging and building each other up

6. Opportunities to minister

7. Discipling

8. Fast spiritual growth

9. Development of Biblical leadership

10. Apostolic ground

Right now there are Lifeteams in Sliedrecht, Stellendam, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Friesland, Groningen en Vroenhoven (Belgium, 500m far from Maastricht). Besides these there are different people/teams preparing to start a Lifeteam or who have expressed their desire to participate in a Lifeteam. If you would like to participate in a Lifeteam, we would love to hear from you.


Would you like to start a Lifeteam and do you have at least one person to disciple? Then you can start directly with the Starterteam-lessons. This serie consists of 12 lesson which you can download below. You can do one lesson each week. After completeing the twelve lessons, the Starterteam can become a Lifeteam.

Introduction for Starterteam-leader

Lesson 1: The Cross, repentance and faith

Lesson 2: Baptism in water and Spirit

Lesson 3: Our Commission - Share the Gospel

Lesson 4: The Word of God

Lesson 5: Relationship with God

Lesson 6: Identity

Lesson 7: Spirit, soul, body

Lesson 8: Renew your mind

Lesson 9: Healing

Lesson 10: The Kingdom of God

Lesson 11: Church

Lesson 12: Leadership